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Emergency Exit Lights Provide More than Fire Safety

by Cooper Clark on Sep 11, 2018

Fire safety is one of the biggest reasons that building codes mandate emergency exit lights, but it isn't the only reason to have these fixtures. In fact, fire is thankfully rare in buildings that comply with local building codes. This makes it so that emergency exit lights are usually activated in other situations. Here are some of the most common ones:

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Emergency Exit Lights: What You Need To Know

by Cooper Clark on Jul 26, 2018

     When there is an emergency in your business, school, warehouse or other building, you need to make it easy for people to evacuate. This can be extremely difficult when it's pitch dark. Rather than trapping everyone inside, you can use emergency exit lighting.

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Emergency Exit Lights Go Beyond Signs

by Cooper Clark on May 09, 2018

Emergency exit signs are in every public building that is up to code, but what many people don't realize is that the best ones offer more than the word "exit." They also include bright spotlights that make it easy to spot any obstacles, find doors, and find the way around corners. Without these lights, an exit sign is far less useful.

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Benefits Of Installing Emergency Exit Lights

by Cooper Clark on Mar 12, 2018

 exit-1.jpg      Safety is a primary concern for both small businesses and large companies. Often overlooked, emergency light installation gives you the best chance of saving lives and preventing damages regardless of the scenario. Lighting Services, Inc provides both industrial and commercial clients with exceptional products that guarantee safety and security.

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Emergency Exit Lights: Self Defense for Students

by Cooper Clark on Sep 12, 2017

You see them everywhere you go, in hospitals, libraries, stores, and museums. Emergency exit lights are posted in various and highly visible areas, pointing people to safety should the need arise. Generally speaking, they are often overlooked because the chances of a real emergency are slim. Unfortunately, emergencies do happen and they aren't always in the form of a fire or power outage such as the recent flooding in Houston, TX. 

Ensuring Safety On College Campus

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The Easiest Route to Fire Code Compliance

by Cooper Clark on Aug 30, 2016

If you’re like most business owners and managers, even though you‘re opening a new business or getting an old emergency preparedness system up to code, you still have several other things on your plate. However, making sure your building is up to code is not only extremely important because your local city or county government could close your business, it’s also important to protect your guests, customers and staff. Many people stay compliant because it’s the law. However, there’s a human factor involved. Businesses should strive to be compliant because they want to keep people safe.

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Don't Take Emergency Exit Lights for Granted

by Cooper Clark on Mar 01, 2016

In the midst of every day "normal" life, when the sun is shining and everybody is going on about every day business, it's easy to take for granted those little things we routinely walk past. But emergency exit lights, like alarms, are something you never want to dismiss.

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Are LED Emergency Lights Really Worth It?

by Cooper Clark on Dec 03, 2013

You’ve all heard the buzz about LEDs recently. In truth, light-emitting diodes have been around since the 1960s. Over the last five years, the price of these diodes has come down significantly and while there is certainly room for improvement, the technology has become more reliable. We are seeing LEDs used for lighting in a multitude of applications including everything from street lights, to freezer lighting, to the taillights of your automobile. As the cost of the diodes decline the advantages over other light sources including lower energy consumption, longer lifetime, durability, smaller size, and faster switching have led to greater use in lighting applications.

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Emergency Lighting Batteries - How to Increase Their Life

by Cooper Clark on Sep 16, 2013

In the 1970’s manufactures of emergency lighting began to use a new gel type battery in many of the units they produced. Prior to that time, they generally use lead antimony and nickel cadmium cells utilizing a wet electrolyte of sulfuric acid or potassium hydroxide respectively. Both came in a number of amp/hr sizes and cells could be added in series to create various voltages, but mostly six and twelve volt blocks were utilized. These emergency lighting batteries required varying degrees of maintenance throughout the year.

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D.C. Emergency Lighting Systems – 3 Signs You Have Them

by Cooper Clark on Sep 03, 2013

  1. You have 5-6 inch recessed lamps or light heads in your hallway ceilings or doorways.
  2. Your facility was built prior to 1990 and has never had a major upgrade to its electrical and/or life-safety systems.
  3. You have various different types of visible stand-alone emergency lighting units in some areas but are void of units in many others.
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