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“WHAT IS THAT ROTTEN EGG SMELL?!” Emergency Light Batteries...

by Cooper Clark on Apr 02, 2013

In many of the older, wet-type (lead antimony) batteries, they are shipped with a liquid installed called sulfuric acid.  This electrolyte is energized during the charging process to maintain the proper voltage in the battery.

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7 Steps to Understanding your Emergency Lighting Systems

by Cooper Clark on Feb 26, 2013

You've heard about "emergency lighting," but what do you REALLY need to know?

  1. Emergency lighting is required by the NFPA Fire Code whether your facility is located in Connecticut or any other state.
  2. Emergency lighting is sometimes called emergency "egress" lighting and is required to be present and operable within your facility.
  3. The NFPA requirements call for a monthly 30-second tests to be sure that the battery keeps the lamps lit brightly to ensure safe egress in the event of a power outage or other emergency. By just pushing the test button for a few seconds you are not testing the strength of the battery back-up power.
  4. The NFPA requirements call for an annual 90 minute full-load-test to insure all of your emergency lighting systems will opperate for a full 1.5 hours in the event of an extended emergency.
  5. Emergency lighting can be provided within overhead lighting fixtures (such as a flourscent power packs or floursecent emergency packs), individual wall-mounted units (as part of an exit sign, or separate "two-headed" units), or as part of a central emergency lighting system (32v DC system, inverter, or generator).
  6. The different types of emergency lighting require different steps by which to follow to complete the testing properly.
  7. Regardless of the type of emergency lighting your facility has, it must be inspected regularly to meet fire code requirements and insure you are prepared for a life-safety emergency.
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