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Bollard Lights and Their Benefits

by Cooper Clark on Sep 08, 2023

Bollard lights are versatile, and in this day and age, they're everywhere! Both in suburban and urban areas, businesses and homes use them in several ways to brighten up their landscapes.

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Topics: LED Lighting, Commercial Lighting

Save $$$ By Using Timers, Sensors, and Dimmers

by Cooper Clark on Jul 25, 2023

Are your energy bills soaring month after month?  

According to the U.S. Energy Information Association, approximately 10% of all electricity used in commercial buildings in 2018 was for lighting. There are many reasons for this, but a couple of them include not using energy-efficient lighting, and leaving lights on when they aren't needed. 

You can lower your power bills and carbon footprint without lowering the lighting effect on your property.  This article looks at how the proper lighting, timers, sensors, photocells, and dimmers lower your energy usage.

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Topics: Energy Savings, Commercial Lighting

Area of Refuge Signs

by Cooper Clark on Jul 25, 2023

Area of Refuge Signs

What is an Area of Refuge?  

An area of refuge (sometimes called an area of rescue) is a designated spot in a building where individuals with mobility challenges can wait for help in case of an emergency and evacuation is not safe or is not possible. It is intended for the elderly, persons with disabilities, sick people, and anyone else who cannot use the stairs to exit.  It has a call button for help and a 2-way voice communication system.

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Topics: Understanding Emergency Lighting Fire Code, Emergency Lighting, Emergency Lighting Made Simple

Different Types of Lights; You Should Use One Lighting Company

by Cooper Clark on Feb 06, 2023

Every building - whether it's a business, school, store, factory, etc. - uses different types of lighting. The lighting features in your building should correspond to the purpose and setting of each area. The proper lighting is a game-changer, and understanding which type of lighting you need is essential. But just because you have different types of lights doesn't mean you need different companies to sell, install or repair them. In this piece, we shall explore popular types of lights, and why you should use one lighting company.

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Topics: Lighting Maintenance, Commercial Lighting

2023 Light Bulb Ban: What You Need to Know

by Cooper Clark on Jan 04, 2023

In 2023, legislation will go into effect in the United States that will prohibit light bulbs with an energy efficiency of under 45 lumens per watt, which rules out most incandescent and halogen options commonly used today. This ban will mean it will no longer be legal to manufacture, import, or sell such bulbs. Instead, consumers will be encouraged to switch to more energy-efficient LED bulbs. Therefore, understanding the specifics of the upcoming ban and why LED lighting is better is essential.

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Topics: Energy Savings, LED Lighting

The 90-Minute Emergency Lighting Test - What Is It?

by Cooper Clark on Oct 10, 2022

The 90-Minute Emergency Lighting Test - What Is It?

Emergency lights are important in the event of an emergency, as they can help individuals safely evacuate the building. Building safety codes require that your emergency lights function for at least
1.5 hours. The 90-minute emergency lighting test makes sure that your emergency lights are ready to handle any situation.

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Topics: Understanding Emergency Lighting Fire Code, Emergency Lighting, Emergency Lighting Made Simple

The Basics of How Light Happens

by Cooper Clark on Feb 18, 2022

Light is all around us, and that is a good thing. We need it to see what we are doing. 

Despite how necessary it is, though, many of us think very little about it. You flip your light switch and light floods a room, making everything from furniture to dust bunnies visible. But what is it, really? What are you getting when you flip that switch? 

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Topics: LED Lighting

Fire Marshal Inspections of Emergency Lights

by Cooper Clark on Jan 07, 2022

Businesses, schools, towns.  All require a team of dedicated professionals to keep them up and running. That's why, in order to stay on top of everything, the best leaders know you need to hire
the best people to help take care of the actual buildings. The last thing a business owner or school administrator needs is a sudden, unforeseen distraction that disrupts their daily rhythm. That
disruption could come in the form of a Fire Marshal.

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Topics: Emergency Lighting Systems, Understanding Emergency Lighting Fire Code, Emergency Lighting, Commercial Lighting

Pole Lights

by Cooper Clark on Nov 26, 2021

Where you mount your lights is important. This gets complicated in places such as outdoor parking areas where there are no nearby walls to install lights on. This is where pole lights come in, and it's crucial to know as much as possible about pole lights before choosing the type to use. 

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Topics: Energy Savings, Lighting Maintenance, Commercial Lighting

Exterior Emergency Lights: The Basics

by Cooper Clark on Aug 25, 2021

Most people know that you have to put an emergency exit light at the point of egress in a building. Putting lights on the other side of the emergency exit is also a good idea. Consider the following.

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Topics: Emergency Lighting Systems, Emergency Lighting, Emergency Lighting CT, Commercial Lighting

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