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Fire Marshal Inspections of Emergency Lights

by Cooper Clark on Jan 07, 2022

Businesses, schools, towns.  All require a team of dedicated professionals to keep them up and running. That's why, in order to stay on top of everything, the best leaders know you need to hire
the best people to help take care of the actual buildings. The last thing a business owner or school administrator needs is a sudden, unforeseen distraction that disrupts their daily rhythm. That
disruption could come in the form of a Fire Marshal.

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Exterior Emergency Lights: The Basics

by Cooper Clark on Aug 25, 2021

Most people know that you have to put an emergency exit light at the point of egress in a building. Putting lights on the other side of the emergency exit is also a good idea. Consider the following.

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When Should You Schedule Lighting Inspections?

by Cooper Clark on May 21, 2021

Every building should have its lighting systems inspected occasionally. It's important to keep an eye on your lighting as those fixtures and high-powered bulbs have potential to cause injury or even fire if they malfunction. 

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Different Types Of Exit Signs To Consider

by Cooper Clark on Nov 10, 2020

Eventually, no matter how well you take care of your exit signs, you have to buy a new one for your building. Or perhaps you just bought a building that needs an exit sign to get up to code. Regardless of the circumstance, you will have several designs to choose from. Here are a few options that you might find.


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Achieving Business Continuity with Generator Installation

by Cooper Clark on Sep 04, 2020

Power outages have a way of clarifying gaps in a plan. In modern business, we plan for every possible contingency. We plan for competition, technological advances, and changes in the economy. We can plan for the changing seasons, but we can't plan for record-breaking storms. Connecticut, home to our headquarters, recently suffered from a significantly widespread power outage. Hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses were blacked-out for days, some for over a week.

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When Your Emergency Lights Are In Wet Locations

by Cooper Clark on Jul 16, 2020

     You don't always get to choose ideal locations for your emergency lights. Sometimes circumstances force you to put your emergency lights in places that are regularly exposed to water. Perhaps the unit gets rain dripping on it, or it's placed where you hose down the walls. This puts the electrical components of your lights in peril. There are ways to prevent this, though. You only need to know the following things.   

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Enhancing The Effectiveness Of Your Emergency Exit Lights

by Cooper Clark on Apr 23, 2020

    Your employees' safety matters to you, not only because you care about them, but because they are the source of your company's productivity. This is why you want your building's emergency exit lights to be the best that they can be. Here are a few tips for optimizing those life-saving lights.    


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Do Your Emergency Exit Lights Meet OSHA Standards?

by Cooper Clark on Aug 13, 2019

      Every business wants to know what OSHA standards apply to them because those rules give a good idea of what will keep employees and customers safe. For instance, the rule that every exit route must be clear of obstruction and that the exit door can't have decorations or signs that hide the door is a great guideline for ensuring that your exit is usable in an emergency situation. As you can imagine, OSHA saves a lot of their rules for how exit areas are illuminated, and you will want to keep abreast of their requirements. Fortunately, OSHA has written out some clear guidelines in this. The following questions are some that you, the business owner, need to ask.

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3 Crucial Tips for Meeting Fire Code Emergency Lighting Standards

by Cooper Clark on Jan 21, 2019

Emergency lighting fixtures are ever-present in public and business buildings throughout the country, so omnipresent that we often forget they are there at all -- until the moment we need them.

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3 Reasons Your Emergency Lights Should Be LED's

by Cooper Clark on Dec 13, 2018

According to safety regulations, your commercial building is required to have emergency exit lights indicating both emergency exit doors and the path to emergency exits if the route is not apparent. But installing your exit lights correctly is about more than just placement. Emergency exit lights need to function properly and safely even in situations where all other lights in the building fail. 

This is why most emergency exit lights are connected to a backup battery source that will last at least a few hours after power fails or is cut off in the building. Beyond power source, you should also think carefully about the materials used to build your emergency exit lights and the bulbs that illuminate the signs so that people in dangerous situations can clearly navigate their way to safety.

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