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Don't Forget Aerial And Exterior Lighting Maintenance And Upgrading

by Cooper Clark on Aug 30, 2018

    Big businesses are always on the lookout for a good way to benefit their company, but they sometimes focus on the inside of their buildings to find them excluding the exterior. This is a problem when it comes to regular light maintenance and replacement. It skips the following advantages. 

Serious Money And Energy Savings  

    It's always a good time to think about replacing your current exterior lights. It can save you a lot of energy and money if you have old MH lights which can use up to 324 watts in your parking lot. Replacing just half of them with LED lights can cut your exterior's energy expenditure by up to 70%. You can imagine how much your electricity bill can drop after that considering that the US Energy Information Administration reports that the national average spent on electricity is 13.05 cents per kilowatt-hour. 

     Even if you don't replace your exterior and parking lot lighting with LEDs, keeping them maintained and regularly replaced reduces how much light is consumed and how efficiently that energy is used. Lights lose their oomph as they age, illuminating less over time. This is a waste of money since they consume energy at the same rate, but you can develop a schedule of replacing bulbs before they dim to keep their efficiency.

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What To Expect Out Of Lighting Maintenance

by Cooper Clark on Aug 13, 2018


Interior and exterior lighting are more than simply lighting a path for people to find the building or their path while inside. Lighting is also in place for emergencies as well as to adhere to fire code.

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Emergency Exit Lights: What You Need To Know

by Cooper Clark on Jul 26, 2018

     When there is an emergency in your business, school, warehouse or other building, you need to make it easy for people to evacuate. This can be extremely difficult when it's pitch dark. Rather than trapping everyone inside, you can use emergency exit lighting.

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LED Lighting Keeps Your Business Cool in the Summer

by Cooper Clark on Jul 10, 2018

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How Ignoring LED Lighting Upgrades Could Cost You

by Cooper Clark on Jun 27, 2018

If you've seen LED Lighting Upgrades in the news lately and thought "Eh, no big deal," you may be in for quite a surprise. We're fairly certain that ignoring it could be detrimental, and we're going to explain how.

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How To Effectively Meet Fire Code

by Cooper Clark on Jun 07, 2018













It's important that you meet all mandatory fire code regulations              at all times. You never know when there will be Fire Marshall inspections to see what's going on within your building. Various forms of equipment need to be present in your building.

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Proper Lighting Maintenance in Your Retail Store

by Cooper Clark on May 25, 2018

Lighting plays a major part in making products look more appealing, and this should become something to think more about in your retail store. Even though you're perhaps using older lighting systems in your retail store, have you had an inspection done lately?

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Emergency Exit Lights Go Beyond Signs

by Cooper Clark on May 09, 2018

Emergency exit signs are in every public building that is up to code, but what many people don't realize is that the best ones offer more than the word "exit." They also include bright spotlights that make it easy to spot any obstacles, find doors, and find the way around corners. Without these lights, an exit sign is far less useful.

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The 4 Most Common Fire Code Violations

by Cooper Clark on Apr 30, 2018



Fire code violations may be an unwelcome response to a recent inspection, but for the sake of safety, resolving the issues is of the utmost importance. Fortunately, most violations are easily resolved and avoided with regular maintenance.



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Don’t Let Dead Lights Ruin Your Business

by Cooper Clark on Mar 29, 2018

Imagine a salesman with spinach in his teeth, or a police officer with mustard on his shirt. It does not matter what profession, appearances matter and it is no different with your storefront. Businesses with dead lights convey the same message, unprofessionalism and neglect. And, while they say you can't judge a book by its cover, people still do. That's why it's important to keep your business in top shape.

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