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5 Instances Where Lighting Inspections are Important

by Cooper Clark on Sep 20, 2019

You know that your emergency lighting needs to comply with certain codes, but do you realize it may also be time for your non-emergency lighting to get checked?

Electrical safety should never be undervalued, especially for businesses and commercial properties that can have dozens to hundreds of lights in a property. Lighting inspections go beyond basic electrical safety, ensuring that you have full satisfactory illumination for indoor, outdoor, and emergency lights throughout the building and grounds. 

In addition to ensuring that each light fixture is safely and correctly installed, it's also important to perform regular light inspections. While many businesses overlook the importance of lighting inspections because lights are considered an integral and ignorable part of the building, responsible maintenance means knowing when a new lighting inspection is an important part of your process.

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Commercial Properties Benefit from LED Lighting Upgrades

by Cooper Clark on May 03, 2019

Owners of commercial properties across the country recognize that LED lighting is superior to traditional commercial lighting in terms of light quality and color rendering, and they are retrofitting LED lighting and reaping the benefits. LED lights are energy efficient and long-lasting, very affordable and emit very little heat, which in turn reduces HVAC loads. LED lighting upgrades and installations improve work-space and transitional lighting across a variety of commercial industries.

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5 Commercial Lighting Locations That are Often Neglected (And Really Shouldn't Be)

by Cooper Clark on Jan 03, 2019


Every business, no matter how big or small, comes with a surprisingly long list of maintenance responsibilities. Just keeping the facility properly swept, mopped, and wiped down with a sanitizing cleaner takes enough effort as-is. Almost no team manages to keep up with every corner of the building, especially in areas where it's not fun to be. From cleaning the break room microwave to wiping down handrails, there are a number of facility upkeep tasks that need to be maintained, and maintaining the building lighting is one of these little tasks that all too often falls through the cracks.

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