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The Basics Of Emergency Lighting Inverters

by Cooper Clark on Jan 25, 2021

During a storm or disaster, you may have experienced power outages.  Your emergency lighting system should be ready if you experience a power outage from a small incident or a major catastrophe.  Here is where an inverter comes in.     


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Taking Special Care Of Your LED Lights

by Cooper Clark on Dec 07, 2020

LED lights have many benefits for companies. They reduce your utility bill, provide consistent and clean white light for your property, and they look pretty. One of the biggest benefits is how long the LEDs last without flickering. They generally can run for 50,000 hours, and that can help you cross one more expense off this year's quarterly report. However, as with all things, failing to maintain your lights can lead to you losing hours and ultimately paying for replacements long before you are budgeted to. Here are a few tips for avoiding that.

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Tips For LED Lighting Upgrades

by Cooper Clark on Oct 05, 2020

You have probably heard of all the benefits that come from upgrading your lights to LEDs. For example, the light is gentler on people's eyes, it covers a wider space, and it is more energy-efficient. This makes an upgrade tempting. However, the process is more complicated than randomly buying LED lights. Consider doing the following before you start your upgrade.

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Canopy Lighting: A Part Of Your Business's Success

by Cooper Clark on Aug 06, 2020

You have probably seen canopy lighting in front of a store or outside a gas station in the past. These are the outdoor lights that are connected to a structure's soffit, overhang, or ceiling, and plenty of businesses have them. You might have wondered why this is and whether your own business would benefit from some. In fact, there are solid reasons to get them.

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Are Your Lights Aging Gracefully?

by Cooper Clark on Jun 16, 2020

     Maintaining a property means that you are responsible for making the place safe, attractive and functional, and a big part of achieving that is maintaining the system of light fixtures that keep your property illuminated.  Here are a few things you should know about your lights as time goes on and they begin to age.  

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Topics: Energy Savings, LED Lighting, Lighting Maintenance, Commercial Lighting

What To Consider When You Optimize Your Office Lighting To LEDs

by Cooper Clark on May 26, 2020

     Office workers need their lighting. They spend a lot of time working with their eyes, and proper lighting is essential to that. This means that every office needs to make the most of their lamps, which requires the occasional upgrade to LED lights. Here are a few things you should consider when upgrading your lighting.


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How Can the Pandemic Help Your LED Lighting Upgrades?

by Cooper Clark on May 08, 2020

Right now, businesses everywhere have closed their doors.  However, services like upgrades and renovations are still available with new no-contact policies. If you take a drive, you will see that schools and facilities everywhere are taking advantage of the opportunity.

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Topics: LED Lighting, Commercial Lighting

Lighting For Ambiance In Your Store

by Cooper Clark on Feb 10, 2020

    Brick-and-mortar retail stores rely on ambiance for a lot of their sales, and lighting is an important aspect of that ambiance. There are a couple of things a retail outfit must keep in mind when it is using lighting to set the tone for its establishment.  


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Why Use Bucket Trucks

by Cooper Clark on Nov 27, 2019

    You might have seen trucks at various work sites that had an arm with a bucket attached to the top of it. This arm extends far above the truck, and people can ride up in it and stand in the bucket while working. As you may have guessed, these are called bucket trucks, or occasionally, cherry pickers.  The original version was indeed used to pick cherries and other fruits in orchards at harvest time.  It had a platform that could be moved up and down and a worker would stand on the platform.  Not only did using a cherry picker provide more safety than using a ladder but it also eliminated damage to trees from ladders being placed against the trunks and branches.  Today the modern cherry picker, the bucket truck, is used in many industries. Particularly, electrical companies like to use them. There are a couple of reasons that an electrical company would prefer to use bucket trucks instead of making their electricians shimmy up poles or ladders to do the job.  

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5 Instances Where Lighting Inspections are Important

by Cooper Clark on Sep 20, 2019

You know that your emergency lighting needs to comply with certain codes, but do you realize it may also be time for your non-emergency lighting to get checked?

Electrical safety should never be undervalued, especially for businesses and commercial properties that can have dozens to hundreds of lights in a property. Lighting inspections go beyond basic electrical safety, ensuring that you have full satisfactory illumination for indoor, outdoor, and emergency lights throughout the building and grounds. 

In addition to ensuring that each light fixture is safely and correctly installed, it's also important to perform regular light inspections. While many businesses overlook the importance of lighting inspections because lights are considered an integral and ignorable part of the building, responsible maintenance means knowing when a new lighting inspection is an important part of your process.

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