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Are Your Lights Aging Gracefully?

by Cooper Clark on Jun 16, 2020

     Maintaining a property means that you are responsible for making the place safe, attractive and functional, and a big part of achieving that is maintaining the system of light fixtures that keep your property illuminated.  Here are a few things you should know about your lights as time goes on and they begin to age.  

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Topics: Energy Savings, LED Lighting, Lighting Maintenance, Commercial Lighting

Best Reasons to Upgrade to LED Lighting Now

by Cooper Clark on Feb 11, 2019

So many factors are involved each day that make up our business decisions. It's often easy to fall into a pattern of tunnel vision where only today's problems are concerned. Let's take a quick look at the two best reasons to look at upgrading your company to LED lighting now, instead of waiting until it becomes a problem.

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Topics: Energy Savings, LED Lighting, Lighting Maintenance

5 Commercial Lighting Locations That are Often Neglected (And Really Shouldn't Be)

by Cooper Clark on Jan 03, 2019


Every business, no matter how big or small, comes with a surprisingly long list of maintenance responsibilities. Just keeping the facility properly swept, mopped, and wiped down with a sanitizing cleaner takes enough effort as-is. Almost no team manages to keep up with every corner of the building, especially in areas where it's not fun to be. From cleaning the break room microwave to wiping down handrails, there are a number of facility upkeep tasks that need to be maintained, and maintaining the building lighting is one of these little tasks that all too often falls through the cracks.

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Topics: Emergency Lighting Made Simple, Lighting Maintenance, Commercial Lighting

3 Reasons Your Emergency Lights Should Be LED's

by Cooper Clark on Dec 13, 2018

According to safety regulations, your commercial building is required to have emergency exit lights indicating both emergency exit doors and the path to emergency exits if the route is not apparent. But installing your exit lights correctly is about more than just placement. Emergency exit lights need to function properly and safely even in situations where all other lights in the building fail. 

This is why most emergency exit lights are connected to a backup battery source that will last at least a few hours after power fails or is cut off in the building. Beyond power source, you should also think carefully about the materials used to build your emergency exit lights and the bulbs that illuminate the signs so that people in dangerous situations can clearly navigate their way to safety.

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Topics: Emergency Lighting Systems, Emergency Lighting, Energy Savings, LED Lighting, Lighting Maintenance

Winter is Coming: Are Your Exterior Areas Safely Lit?

by Cooper Clark on Nov 13, 2018


Facility safety is a crucial part of any maintenance plan. No doubt your regular facility maintenance team is capably keeping the walkways clear, the handrails secured, and the HVAC system running smoothly. But in the yearly hustle and routine, it can be all too easy to lose sight of seasonal safety concerns. As the weather begins to turn cold, outdoor safety becomes a particularly serious matter for any commercial facility. Particularly those that serve a large number of customers or clients each day. 

Winter Slip and Fall Risks    

Winter time and the pavement ice it brings are the number one cause of both employee and customer slip-and-fall accidents. Whether someone is stepping out of their car, walking across the parking lot, or taking the few short steps up to your front door, a single misstep could lead to a serious injury. Businesses should be doing everything they can to reduce the chances that someone could get hurt on their sidewalks, grounds, and parking lot pavements. 

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What To Expect Out Of Lighting Maintenance

by Cooper Clark on Aug 13, 2018


Interior and exterior lighting are more than simply lighting a path for people to find the building or their path while inside. Lighting is also in place for emergencies as well as to adhere to fire code.

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Topics: Lighting Maintenance

Proper Lighting Maintenance in Your Retail Store

by Cooper Clark on May 25, 2018

Lighting plays a major part in making products look more appealing, and this should become something to think more about in your retail store. Even though you're perhaps using older lighting systems in your retail store, have you had an inspection done lately?

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The 4 Most Common Fire Code Violations

by Cooper Clark on Apr 30, 2018



Fire code violations may be an unwelcome response to a recent inspection, but for the sake of safety, resolving the issues is of the utmost importance. Fortunately, most violations are easily resolved and avoided with regular maintenance.



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Don’t Let Dead Lights Ruin Your Business

by Cooper Clark on Mar 29, 2018

Imagine a salesman with spinach in his teeth, or a police officer with mustard on his shirt. It does not matter what profession, appearances matter and it is no different with your storefront. Businesses with dead lights convey the same message, unprofessionalism and neglect. And, while they say you can't judge a book by its cover, people still do. That's why it's important to keep your business in top shape.

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Keep Your Business Looking Fresh with a Lighting Maintenance Contract

by Cooper Clark on Feb 22, 2018

                                         store front.jpg

When people look for places to shop, they don't just see if a store has what they want to buy. Prices aren't the top priority either. Instead, whether consciously or not, they look at the physical aspects of the establishment. If it doesn't look like the type of place they'd like to enter they don't go inside, and the chance to make a sale is lost.

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