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Why Not to Change a Light Fixture Yourself

by Cooper Clark on Jun 04, 2024

Replacing a light fixture is one of those projects that you may think is easy and you can DIY (do-it-yourself). Updating old, buzzing light fixtures with new LED illumination is energy-efficient and smart, but not something you or your janitorial staff should do on their own. The job considered easy and affordable might be costly in the long term. Changing a light fixture requires the work of a skilled electrician, and here is why:

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Crush Rising Energy Costs With LED Lights

by Cooper Clark on Dec 11, 2023

It's no secret that energy costs always tend to rise, especially when daylight is short and it's cold out.  Businesses and organizations are looking for ways to reduce their expenses.  LED lights offer a solution to increasing electricity prices.  Let's look at why.

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Topics: Energy Savings, LED Lighting, Commercial Lighting

Bollard Lights and Their Benefits

by Cooper Clark on Sep 08, 2023

Bollard lights are versatile, and in this day and age, they're everywhere! Both in suburban and urban areas, businesses and homes use them in several ways to brighten up their landscapes.

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Topics: LED Lighting, Commercial Lighting

2023 Light Bulb Ban: What You Need to Know

by Cooper Clark on Jan 04, 2023

In 2023, legislation will go into effect in the United States that will prohibit light bulbs with an energy efficiency of under 45 lumens per watt, which rules out most incandescent and halogen options commonly used today. This ban will mean it will no longer be legal to manufacture, import, or sell such bulbs. Instead, consumers will be encouraged to switch to more energy-efficient LED bulbs. Therefore, understanding the specifics of the upcoming ban and why LED lighting is better is essential.

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The Basics of How Light Happens

by Cooper Clark on Feb 18, 2022

Light is all around us, and that is a good thing. We need it to see what we are doing. 

Despite how necessary it is, though, many of us think very little about it. You flip your light switch and light floods a room, making everything from furniture to dust bunnies visible. But what is it, really? What are you getting when you flip that switch? 

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Why Your Industrial Business Needs An LED Lighting Upgrade

by Cooper Clark on Mar 05, 2021

The lighting of warehouses, factories and other industrial buildings is sometimes ignored or given short shrift unless there is something obviously wrong with it. No outsiders regularly visit and you tend not to have clients to impress, so making the lighting all pretty doesn't seem necessary. However, a lighting upgrade is exactly the sort of change that could benefit an industrial business.  Here are a few ways that switching to LED lighting can help your company. 

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Topics: Energy Savings, LED Lighting

Taking Special Care Of Your LED Lights

by Cooper Clark on Dec 07, 2020

LED lights have many benefits for companies. They reduce your utility bill, provide consistent and clean white light for your property, and they look pretty. One of the biggest benefits is how long the LEDs last without flickering. They generally can run for 50,000 hours, and that can help you cross one more expense off this year's quarterly report. However, as with all things, failing to maintain your lights can lead to you losing hours and ultimately paying for replacements long before you are budgeted to. Here are a few tips for avoiding that.

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Topics: LED Lighting, Lighting Maintenance, Commercial Lighting

Tips For LED Lighting Upgrades

by Cooper Clark on Oct 05, 2020

You have probably heard of all the benefits that come from upgrading your lights to LEDs. For example, the light is gentler on people's eyes, it covers a wider space, and it is more energy-efficient. This makes an upgrade tempting. However, the process is more complicated than randomly buying LED lights. Consider doing the following before you start your upgrade.

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Topics: LED Lighting, Commercial Lighting

Are Your Lights Aging Gracefully?

by Cooper Clark on Jun 16, 2020

     Maintaining a property means that you are responsible for making the place safe, attractive and functional, and a big part of achieving that is maintaining the system of light fixtures that keep your property illuminated.  Here are a few things you should know about your lights as time goes on and they begin to age.  

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Topics: Energy Savings, LED Lighting, Lighting Maintenance, Commercial Lighting

What To Consider When You Optimize Your Office Lighting To LEDs

by Cooper Clark on May 26, 2020

     Office workers need their lighting. They spend a lot of time working with their eyes, and proper lighting is essential to that. This means that every office needs to make the most of their lamps, which requires the occasional upgrade to LED lights. Here are a few things you should consider when upgrading your lighting.


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Topics: LED Lighting, Commercial Lighting

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