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How to Make Windowless Offices Desirable with LED Lighting

by Cooper Clark on Jan 21, 2020

When most people think of an office building, they think of glittering towers made of windows on every side. But those offices are more than the outer surface area that is exposed to natural light. Inside any decently-sized office building are a large number of offices and other spaces that have no windows at all. Even skylights are out of the question for floors that are not at the top. Architects have done their best, but it's up to building owners and occupying businesses to make those interior windowless offices actually enjoyable to work in.

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5 Reasons to Revamp Your LED Outdoor Lighting Design

by Cooper Clark on Oct 22, 2019

Outdoor lighting is something that businesses invest in selectively. Some businesses go all-out and you can see their buildings glittering in the evening like a magical corporate wonderland. Of course, it's just LEDs on brick and plant life, but it looks incredible and the image stands out in the mind when people drive by during the day.

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Schools Need LED Lighting Upgrades

by Cooper Clark on Aug 22, 2019

    School administration is a tricky business. Balancing competing demands, along with keeping the curriculum great and the hallways supervised, makes it easy to forget something such as lighting. However, the type of lighting a school uses is important, and it may be time to look into what type your institution is using. If your school is using incandescent or fluorescent lights, it is probably time to upgrade to LED lights. There are several reasons for this. 

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Commercial Properties Benefit from LED Lighting Upgrades

by Cooper Clark on May 03, 2019

Owners of commercial properties across the country recognize that LED lighting is superior to traditional commercial lighting in terms of light quality and color rendering, and they are retrofitting LED lighting and reaping the benefits. LED lights are energy efficient and long-lasting, very affordable and emit very little heat, which in turn reduces HVAC loads. LED lighting upgrades and installations improve work-space and transitional lighting across a variety of commercial industries.

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Best Reasons to Upgrade to LED Lighting Now

by Cooper Clark on Feb 11, 2019

So many factors are involved each day that make up our business decisions. It's often easy to fall into a pattern of tunnel vision where only today's problems are concerned. Let's take a quick look at the two best reasons to look at upgrading your company to LED lighting now, instead of waiting until it becomes a problem.

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3 Reasons Your Emergency Lights Should Be LED's

by Cooper Clark on Dec 13, 2018

According to safety regulations, your commercial building is required to have emergency exit lights indicating both emergency exit doors and the path to emergency exits if the route is not apparent. But installing your exit lights correctly is about more than just placement. Emergency exit lights need to function properly and safely even in situations where all other lights in the building fail. 

This is why most emergency exit lights are connected to a backup battery source that will last at least a few hours after power fails or is cut off in the building. Beyond power source, you should also think carefully about the materials used to build your emergency exit lights and the bulbs that illuminate the signs so that people in dangerous situations can clearly navigate their way to safety.

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The Top 3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Business to LED Lighting

by Cooper Clark on Oct 31, 2018

Successful businesses are always looking for ways to increase long-term profits with low-cost investments.

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LED Lighting Keeps Your Business Cool in the Summer

by Cooper Clark on Jul 10, 2018

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How Ignoring LED Lighting Upgrades Could Cost You

by Cooper Clark on Jun 27, 2018

If you've seen LED Lighting Upgrades in the news lately and thought "Eh, no big deal," you may be in for quite a surprise. We're fairly certain that ignoring it could be detrimental, and we're going to explain how.

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Upgrade to LED Lighting to Save Money

by Cooper Clark on Jan 17, 2017


The forward-thinking business owner is always looking for ways to trim expenses, and although lighting very rarely comes to mind, even in the modern, go-green world of today, it is an essential consideration as a long-term investment that can save huge sums of money in the long run.

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